Something like Poetry


Someone once told me,
our hearts are nothing but mirrors
that reflect each other.
That we are all in search of,
bodies with souls that one day
may complete one another.
Oh we do meet every other day,
when you and I cross roads
outside our favorite landmark.
I do turn my head today,
hoping to have a second glance
as you scan for me over your shoulder.
But alas! lifeless crowds have,
already swallowed and drowned us
in a deep dark sea of insecurities.
I try to squirm and swim to you,
but the salt outweighs the sand
At a ratio of two is to one.

Oh the sun burns on,
while clocks tick seconds away.
The seasons come and go,
while leaves change from green to red.
Like that star that is calmly,
waiting to be counted in the moonshine.
Your moles hidden from this world,
wait to feel my touch in secret.
Oh my bones yearn for an ignition,
That I hope will break me free.
My flesh longs for that jumpstart,
That will someday let us meet.
Like a ray of light that seeps,
Through a crack and fills a room.
My heart brims with this infection,
that calls itself ‘Hope’.

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