Something like Poetry


Stood by me,

And watched with me

all the things I did see.

Tell me now

did I make it clear?

Did I weed out

all that I feared?

Tell me so

did you not know

All these years I

hid more than

I have shown.

It’s a shame that

that made you flee

A shame where we were

and now are we.

Oh we

have come undone.

Ah slowly

the waves overrun.

But I keep swimming.

As I watch

all the others smile.

Float about their

daily lives their style.

I wonder whether

this is meant to be.

I wonder now

when will I leave this sea.

Whether I will

make it to the shore.

This one tempts

me down to my core.

So now I

fight and fight

Inch by inch

the waves they

consume my might.

And feed it they

to the salt so much

that it stings now

that I must halt.

And I

let the waves overrun.

And now

I cannot find the sun.

And I’m drowning.

It’s dark here

Yet I notice the salt

burning my eyes.

They weep together

in silence as the pain

grows soft and nice.

I let go

and allow the water

to embrace my high.

Its warm though

I only grow colder,

as I let out that final sigh.

Only our words outlive us

Someday I hope they fuel

your dreams beyond this sky.

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