Original Writings

All About Cody

Cody works for an insurance company. I ask him what his job is and I sense him beat around the bush like a pro, intentionally omitting what he does for a living, and instead taking me on a verbal tour on where he works and for whom. It’s not entirely his fault. The cubicle where he rests his ass, right above it hangs the board ‘SALES’, but Cody spends a majority of his work-time on the phone satisfying customers. I ask him, isn’t ‘MARKETING’ better and more apt label for the thing that you do? And then the truth dawns on me, that Cody is ignorant to the difference between SALES and MARKETING. Our discussion goes back and forth, and in the process changes form, from friendly to captious. I was told once that stupidity was the only thing with the ability to bring you to its level and defeat you with experience. I believed it didn’t make sense then.


It turns out that I haven’t met the right kind of stupid.

Until now.

Our conversation never comes to fruition. It doesn’t make it to one of those ‘agree to disagree’ moments either. By the end of it, I’m as confused as he is. The height of ego – or lack thereof makes me turn to a third party for validation. The nice guy in me does not want the asshole that I can be, getting ahead of himself and so decides to ask Google for an unbiased, and fair opinion on our dilemma. The response is the truth but in no way fair to me, because I have been proven wrong and Cody has been proven right. What he does is SALES. Selling himself, his voice, his dignity, and his soul for the benefit of his insurance company. If he was MARKETING, then unassuming individuals like him would be doing his bidding to stay relevant in the market. Marketing was for the devil, and Sales for his minions. But then that wouldn’t be Cody. Cody would cease to exist if he was the devil.

Cody is my conscience.

And I am Cody’s imploding anger.

This is hypothetical.

I run sales, I want marketing.

And I validate myself with Google.


Stupid who, now?


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