Something like Poetry

Gaslighting Logoleptic


He is as cynical as they come
Ask him and he will laugh at
Anything that remotely resembles
A hopeless romantic
Anything that remotely reminds
Him of you
Do not fall for that so called passion
His love for art that appears genuine
Genuine only to lift its
Ugly head of pseudo intellectualism
when lend enough time.
He will make you feel all
That you never knew you had
Inside of you
Things that you were better
Off without knowing.
He will make you see
That you deserve better only to
Turn your focus from the truth
That you already own the best.
He’s a sociopath aware of himself
waiting your endorsement.
He will pull you down and cover you up
In self pity while he feeds on your
Self esteem through late night calls
And what not.
He’s a natural with words so much
That he cooks up stories with every breath
A liar so pathological that he
Merely smiles when you call him out.
Whose smiles turn vile when you
admit that you can see how he
Manipulates you into dancing
In his palms.
He breathes for your approval and
You are clueless until
You see that pattern emerge from
Between the lines of the
chain of words he forms to prove
To you his love for them.
Call him a logoleptic of sorts,
He will tell you that it is a condition
That he suffers from.
You cannot stop yourself from
laureling his paperwork
He will flirt with you
Shamelessly as he intimately
traces circles on your palm.
‘I’m weak with words.’
He is a logoleptic,
Only seeking your attention
Ignore him.
He will gaslight,
Till he burns all your fuel
Do not let him.
Do not validate,
His need for closure
He isn’t looking for anything close.

He is only a gaslighting logoleptic,
who is at best irredeemable.

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