Original Writings

21 Days

He boards the 20:10 every evening that takes him home from his workplace. He was once told by his Pharmacology professor during a lecture on ‘Pharmacokinetics’ in his second year of medical school that, if he ever wanted to make something stick in his life, then he would have to do it consecutively for 21… Continue reading 21 Days

Original Writings


"So, if I ate the meat on my plate without separating it from its bones, if I just chewed the flesh right through them, would you call that evolution or just downright lazy?”, Zoya asked me smiling with her big, bubbly eyes. I stared at her amused, for a moment or two, and then chuckled… Continue reading Zoya

Original Writings

Chatma (The Dining Table)

Chatma believed that she needed to be a little less meek. The other day she happened to have this conversation with her mother, while they were having dinner on that dreaded and boring looking dining table that she despised since she was 12 years old. She was told that old habits die hard, and it… Continue reading Chatma (The Dining Table)