Something like Poetry


You say the road is long. You say your horse is tired. One thousand reasons You find To step down from your ride. You've searched here and there. You've searched high and low. If there was a way out You would have found by now. But every turn you take. And every door you knock.… Continue reading Unbolt

Original Writings

21 Days

He boards the 20:10 every evening that takes him home from his workplace. He was once told by his Pharmacology professor during a lecture on ‘Pharmacokinetics’ in his second year of medical school that, if he ever wanted to make something stick in his life, then he would have to do it consecutively for 21… Continue reading 21 Days

Something like Poetry


The sun, sets while the crowds keep whizzing by Unaware and uncaring of who you are. In between this chaos that defines monotony I see a diamond shimmer, in a heap of charcoal. Forgive the blind for they can’t see the color of your eyes, The stare you give me today is cold and deep.… Continue reading Clover

Something like Poetry


So, Woke up I did this morning, Thinking about a world that has turned stone. Maturity trust me darling, Does not mean you live in a house alone. You can deny me all you want, We can act strangers and fool them all. You can argue on what you cant, I will wait till you… Continue reading Change