Original Writings, Something like Poetry


Out on a highway that ismade of sticks and stones.There I standcounting all my woes.I nurture a soul concealed inthe folds of a hesitant me.Waiting to greet and toucha sign that spells tranquility. I build a bridge to crosstides and unwavering seas.While pelting pebbles at ankleshoping you will see.I am at the end thatno one… Continue reading HIGHWAY/SHORE

Something like Poetry


The sun, sets while the crowds keep whizzing by Unaware and uncaring of who you are. In between this chaos that defines monotony I see a diamond shimmer, in a heap of charcoal. Forgive the blind for they can’t see the color of your eyes, The stare you give me today is cold and deep.… Continue reading Clover

Original Writings


"So, if I ate the meat on my plate without separating it from its bones, if I just chewed the flesh right through them, would you call that evolution or just downright lazy?”, Zoya asked me smiling with her big, bubbly eyes. I stared at her amused, for a moment or two, and then chuckled… Continue reading Zoya

Original Writings

The Girl from Dihan

Prologue Day 430 "Sorry, but I don't talk to strangers." Nirodh Day 432 I smile as these words play over and over in my head without any sign of tiring anytime soon. Apparently, The Girl from Dihan never disappoints her mother by disobeying her. The Girl from Dihan never talks to strangers. But she certainly… Continue reading The Girl from Dihan