Something like Poetry


Someone once told me, our hearts are nothing but mirrors that reflect each other. That we are all in search of, bodies with souls that one day may complete one another. Oh we do meet every other day, when you and I cross roads outside our favorite landmark. I do turn my head today, hoping… Continue reading Hope

Original Writings

Letters to Felicity (I)

Dear Felicity, Today I took the 13:15 to the call center that I work at. It's usually a half hour ride to the city from my hometown, and I normally get to cover the 2 to 8 shift. It's not exactly the best, but it's either this or the night shift, you see. And I… Continue reading Letters to Felicity (I)

Original Writings


"So, if I ate the meat on my plate without separating it from its bones, if I just chewed the flesh right through them, would you call that evolution or just downright lazy?”, Zoya asked me smiling with her big, bubbly eyes. I stared at her amused, for a moment or two, and then chuckled… Continue reading Zoya

Original Writings


He never understood why her room always remained untidy and disorganized. Three out of five of their arguments stemmed from the above. Her chaotic lifestyle never sat well with his more organized and planned approach. She was the type who would wake up at 7:50 if she had a meeting at 8:00 am. He was… Continue reading Pizza