Something like Poetry

Gaslighting Logoleptic

  He is as cynical as they come Ask him and he will laugh at Anything that remotely resembles A hopeless romantic Anything that remotely reminds Him of you Do not fall for that so called passion His love for art that appears genuine Genuine only to lift its Ugly head of pseudo intellectualism when… Continue reading Gaslighting Logoleptic

Something like Poetry


she is the kind that mourns when the days turn red - 'cause the clouds could not cover up a wound the sky wished it hid. she is the kind that paints such pictures with nothing but her words. quite often she turns red when her words are read. one too many times I ponder… Continue reading Casualty

Something like Poetry


Someone once told me, our hearts are nothing but mirrors that reflect each other. That we are all in search of, bodies with souls that one day may complete one another. Oh we do meet every other day, when you and I cross roads outside our favorite landmark. I do turn my head today, hoping… Continue reading Hope